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Quote :
hide- Alive! DVD to be released on 3rd December

By info taken from cdjapan, the regular edition will include footage of his performance in first tour "HIDE OUR PSYCHOMMUNITY" at Yokohama Arena, second tour "PSYENCE A GO GO" at Yoyogi Dai Ichi Taiikukan, and unreleased footage on two disc and also includes an application card (only valid in Japan) [if anyone knows what this is, I'd be glad to know ]. The limited edition also includes a reprinted edition of the tour staff pass.

First press bonus is a poster.

The DVD will cost 8095yen (8500yen with tax incl.) for the limited edition and 6190yen (6500yen with tax incl.) for the regular edition (note that the tax applies only if you live in Japan) when ordering from cdjapan.

Quote :
MIX LEMONed JELLY 2008 ★ feat. hide Birthday Party

hide's birthday is getting closer and hide-city not only announced the previous mentioned DVD and CD releases to celebreate it, but - you might have expected it - this year, too, a birthday party in commemoration of hide's live and works will take place. Not only one day, though, alltogether three days themed "MIX LEMONed JELLY 2008 ★ feat. hide Birthday Party".

The first two parties "hide Special Cover Night" and "Bakuhatsu Sunzen Night MLJ Special!" will be on December 8th and 9th both at Meguro Rokumeikan. The final party will take place at Club CITTA on - right, December 13th!

As special guests were bands like Daizy Stripper, The Underneath, SHAME and many others announced.

For detailed information, please check the original source.

Full lineup, as written at hide-city is: hide, SHAME, heidi., the Underneath, DaizyStripper, DRYHI, as.milk and ジャックバドラ

thanX to Luc from X-freaks.com

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