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 Paris Live & Christmas concerts postponement conflicts I

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Paris Live & Christmas concerts postponement conflicts I Empty
PostParis Live & Christmas concerts postponement conflicts I

It's gonna be long one.

Gw cuma mau membeberkan lebih detail ttg hal2 yg terjadi thd Yoshiki dan X Japan dlm kaitannya thd Paris Live and Christmas concerts postponement di 2008.

Krn byknya fans yg kesel dan nyalahin Yoshiki secara sepihak gara2 ini, gw ngerasa penting utk beberin bbrp info dari Yoshiki Mobile.
Utk kalian ketahui sblmnya, di Yoshiki myspace and X Japan myspace, byk komen yg nyalah2in Yoshiki dan terdengar kasar. (gw sendiri blm check). Tp kalian bisa liat sendiri trutama di X Japan myspace spertinya.


Ini Yoshiki Mobile messages yg gue dpt. (please jgn seenaknya difwd ke mana2 krn gw janji sbnrnya ama sumber gw utk gk spread ini).

October 24 (Here's a summary.)
Yoshiki had a bad cold and he lost his weight about 10 kg since the beginning of this year.
Now he began to practice piano for the show. Sometimes he coughs.

October 27 (A summary)
Yoshiki bought Maserati at Ferrari dearlership on his way from a studio.

October 29 (A summary)
Yoshiki seemed to be offered to produce another movie's music.

October 30 (A summary)
Yoshiki had 5 meetings and had no time to work of recording at a studio.
He seems to feel heavy stress.

October 31 (A summary)
Yoshiki worked at a studio until the evening and then had a dinner meeting with
members of Violet UK and then he disappeared around 3 am.
A staff looked for him and found him sleeping on a bench at the street of Hollywood at 5 am.
Then he came back home but he seemed to lose his key. He broke the window
and entered the house...

October 31 (A summary)
Yoshiki worked at a studio until the evening and then had a dinner meeting with
members of Violet UK and then he disappeared around 3 am.
A staff looked for him and found him sleeping on a bench at the street of Hollywood at 5 am.
Then he came back home but he seemed to lose his key. He broke the window
and entered the house...

November 5 (A summary)
Yoshiki concentrated recording works a whole day.
But he seemed to be depressed a little.
He always behaves as usual even when he's not in a good shape.
But today we noticed his condition is not as usual.

November 6
Yoshiki didn't come to studio today...

November 7 (A summary)
He did recording works and had a meeting with promoter in America.
He didn't talk so much and just worked for these days.
It's not what he always is. We worry about him.

November 10 (A summary)
The postponement of Paris and Saitama shows were already
announced in X Japan official HP.
The one who really desired to carry out those shows and continued working hard until the very end was nobody but Yoshiki himself.
He negotiated with the management many times and just before its break-down he accepted their demand "postponement" in the end.
Since then, he just concentrates on recording without saying a word to anybody.
As we know what was going on, we feel he showed his grin on his face.

November 11 (A summary)
Yoshiki worked for recording a whole day today in the studio.
Sometimes a sound was heard from a booth. Is that VUK?
We were almost overwhelmed by its powerful sound in the tense atmosphere.

November 12 (A summary)
Figures (dolls) of Japanese animation characters are being sent to Yoshiki's office recently. A tense atmosphere becomes a little bit relaxed.
Any new project begins?


Ini source dr media lain ttg pengunduran tgl paris dan xmas concert.

(google translated)
Caution Concerning the management of X JAPAN and changes in the world tour X JAPAN Production Management Committee has worked with the strong intention of all members of X JAPAN, to begin world tour in Paris at any price.
However, to consolidate the success of this world tour, we made a partnership with the largest management companies in America, namely AZOFF MANAGEMENT (with Mr Irving Azoff as president) and Filament Inc., Led by the creator of the company Warner Brothers Records, Mr Phil Quartararo to coordinate everything with a comprehensive world view. We are also in late trade with the world's leading concert promoters, AEG, for details of this world tour.

After several exchanges between the parties involved to achieve the success of this world tour, it was decided that AZOFF MANAGEMENT play the role of leader with full powers of decision-making side, working for the global promotion of X JAPAN, INC. with FILAMENT.

AZOFF MANAGEMENT INC and FILAMENT. have agreed on the new strategy to push the entire schedule until next year, which includes the concert in Paris on November 22 and announced concerts on 24 and Dec. 25 at Saitama Super Arena. Therefore, the tour will begin for the concert countdown to the end of the year in 2008, although concerts in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taiwan and Korea will take place as announced earlier.

The next spring, there will be a Japanese national tour which will be followed by a concert in Paris to replace the November concert as well as additional concerts in Scandinavia, including Sweden, etc.

For those who planned their visit to Paris and / or Saitama Super Arena, please accept our apologies for this flat sudden announcement, although the reasons behind these concerts repelled from the contractual situation involving international operation.



Nah, stlh loe baca data2 di atas dan dgn sifat Yoshiki yg amat perfectionist, di mana X Japan itu bagaikan baby/ anaknya Yoshiki sampai2 dia pun rela mati di panggung demi musiknya, pasti kalian tau bagaimana perasaan Yoshiki saat ini.
Pasti kalian jg bisa tebak gmn mati2annya Yoshiki berusaha utk mempertahankan Paris Live.

Bahkan ngeliat gmn dia masih berlatih mati2an buat Paris concert dari akhir October. Sblm tgl 24 Oct gw jg ada YM info yg ngejelasin Yoshiki sakit stlh balik dari Tokyo ke LA dan bbrp hari kemudian dia terlihat sibuk lagi di studio, bbrp hari ke depannya dia mulai sibuk rehearsal.

Gw cuma ngerasa kasihan ke Yoshiki dan gak adil dgn adanya tuduhan2 dan kemarahan2 para fans di Europe and Amrik. Well.. ngomong ttg gk adil emang para fans yg dah beli flight ticket dan book hotel, bayar DP lbh diperlakukan gk adil ama X Japan tp... kl diliat2 ini bukan kehendak Yoshiki dan di luar kontrol dia.

Emang sih yg dipermasalahkan saat ini adlh mengapa tidak ada perkataan langsung, penjelasan ato maaf dari Yoshiki ato anggota X Japan lainnya. Ini yg bikin fans marah.

Gw cuma berharap kita para fans di Indo gk ikutan kebawa emosi. Tp ngelihat lbh mendalam. Slama kita gk tau pastinya ada apa itu di balik layar, sbaiknya jgn flame Yoshiki ato X Japan. Masalah management itu gk gampang apalagi menyangkut international tours di bwah company besar dari US yg katanya sangat powerful di mana terkadang sang artist pun tergencet.

(continue to part II)
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Paris Live & Christmas concerts postponement conflicts I :: Comments

Re: Paris Live & Christmas concerts postponement conflicts I
Post Tue Nov 18, 2008 2:38 am by jigokugal

Ini ada bbrp postingan dari LJ dlm bahasa Inggris.
Gw harap loe org ngerti gmn chronologynya.

Quote :

This was originally posted by a user (whose name I will keep anonymous in case this isn't allowed ^^") on the Screaming Kiai forums. I'm re-posting it here in case anyone missed it:

Breaking the rules to let you know what you should have been told:

YOSHIKI has not spoken a single word to any member of staff since
the postponement announcement was decided, made and announced by

Many bands have performed overseas. X has not yet. Fans who understand YOSHIKI know by now that he has a Do it all Yourself, perfectionist nature. That's why we love him and his music. Most artists wake up in the morning and have a schedule that they work damn hard to get through. They DO NOT plan fan goods, they do not book 3 other members who live in a different time zone, nor do they manage a busy schedule for a recording studio. They are not producing their own music, other peoples music, movies for countless films, doing photo shoots in one country and then flying back to another country to make music. YOSHIKI does a lot more than your average artist.

Whether readers want to believe it or not, in planning a World Tour you need massive sponsors, promoters, and REAL management. There are interpreters, translators,
meetings, and a heck of a lot of things we can't even think of that require staff.

Until now, Tokyo Dome in 08 was a success.. but at what cost? YOSHIKI injured himself
..that's happened on almost every major dome concert.. thats before you add in the concerts
that were cancelled midway. This is a reality. YOSHIKI may have the training and diet habbits of a an elete athlete.. but how many of them have a 20 yr career?

What I want to put out there, is that new management for this tour was needed. I'm so happy for YOSHIKI that he has that now. Now things can progress where they took so long before.
Now he can say 'do that for me i dont have time' and concentrate on whatever else..
(ppl who say his drumming is not as good as before...try organising a concert and then try organising 3 in a row and then a 2 day one with 20 bands signed to multiple recording labels.and then try doing all that from a different time zone).

Every member of this site understands the anguish the postponement
of the French live has caused fans. I hopefully speak for the majority
in asking that you try to understand the scale of what is about to take place
and why YOSHIKI, or any single person cannot do this alone. And why maybe no other
Japanese band has ever done it like this before, that this is the only way for
X JAPAN to be a band, and for YOSHIKI to and ARTIST.

I thank anyone who's read till the end for their time.

I have in part broken the rules by posting a translation
of something written in YM. But it really should have written on myspace
and jrock revolution. YOSHIKI did not want that live postponed!
and was working his ass off to try and even perform with 10days notice.
That was his real voice, not what happened afterwoods.

If anyone has issue with this post. To bad,
this site was started for those that had no means of obtaining
the right information. And I hope SK can continue doing what it has always done.

THank you for your understanding.

For now think back to just over a yr ago when X Japan was
a dream that you thought you'd never ever thought you'd see.
Its finally in good hands.

Enjoy I.V. and a live version of Without You ppl!
Dahlia took what 5 yrs and is just over 57 minutes long..
You have heard another 15 minutes of music within 1 yr, and
the high possibility of another new song within the next.

Quote :

For postponement of Paris Live.

This is what I get from Thai and Japanese communities. I try my best to translate it all. Maybe it canít help anything. Maybe itís just a fanís opinion. Maybe you will feel good after reading it all. Mind you, English is not my first language.

This is not Ym's explanation for fans. It's me who tracked the staff's reports and made it in timeline, without any intention of excusing for Yoshiki. (Iím a so-called historian so itís my habit of doing things in this way) But when I finished, I felt like I saw something between the lines. You donít have to believe what I say. Just read it and judge for yourself.

The reason for postponing is the Management company, and Yoshikiís plan could not be agreeable. The managementís plan wanted X Japan to hold the Asia Tour (1st) ---> release a new album (2nd)---> promote album (3rd) ---> and tour outside asia (last). Yoshiki had tried his best to keep his words. He doesnít want his fans feel disappointed on him. He said on 15th Oct about Paris Live, he still confirmed. He said something like ďIf we canít hold the live at Paris, it will be very bad.Ē Maybe, someone who feels the most worst is Yoshiki, when the Paris Live could not happen.

He cried with regret , ran out from home, slept like a homeless on the bench, destroyed his house. He has not talked to the staff by now. X Japan members also feel so regretful.

This is not very often that Yoshiki must accept someoneís advice. Anyway, they confirm that X Japan will hold live in Europe on 2009. Itíd better to accept the world class professionalís advice. This world tour will cause budget around 10,000 million yen. X Japan is now under Extasy Records and you know who owns this company, who will fully takes responsibility on this budget.

This is the decision of the managements that X Japan should not hold the Live at Paris in this year.

This is from Yoshikiís Ym. You can have some clue by yourself.

24th Oct Ė rehearsal piano for the Live.

27th Oct Ė buy Maserati. (Looked very happy ?)

28th Ė 30th Oct Ė Meeting everyday with both Japanís management or Americaís management. Discussing with the lawyer team and Promoter company. (He did everything by himself). Thereís a sign of something worse had happened.

31st Oct Ė Recording for VUK till midnight/ meeting with VUK members/ disappeared / found him sleep on the bench on the street / destroyed his houseís glass windows / Japanese newspaper has announced X Japan will disband on the first day of world tour + X Japan revealed the contract with one of a biggest world class promoter company.

1st Ė 4th Nov Ė no report (announcement of Paris Live ticket selling date up on the website on 1st Nov.)

5th Nov Ė Recording all day and Yoshiki looked really depressed. (TK was arrest in fraud case on 4th Nov.)

6th Nov --- Yoshiki didnít go to the studio (he disappeared ?)

7th Nov --- Start recording on the noon / Meeting with the Promoter company. Staff reported Yoshiki talked less words than unusual. / Ayosbillets and Bercy website had announced annul.

8th Nov Ė Officially postponed Paris and Christmas Live .

You can see that Yoshiki was in good mode and the Live looked like to be held certainly on 24th Ė 27th Oct. Then 28th Ė 30th Oct Yoshiki frequently arranged meeting with every sections which involved in world tour, including American lawyer team. Especially, he discussed to the promoter company and world tourís management.

On 30th Oct, selling ticket for Paris Live was announced on the website.

On 31st Oct, Yoshiki ran wild, went crazy etc.

On 1th Nov, Official Announcement Paris Live selling ticket.

Is it possible that the promoter asked Yoshiki to postponed the Live on 28th Ė 30th , but Yoshiki resisted and wanted to hold the Live, so he himself made the announcement ?

On 1st Ė 4th Nov, There was no report from Yoshikiís Ym. Japanese fans were very worried about him, especially after TKís case. They are closed friend. Whatís happened on this period ? Did the promoter and his staff suppress him to give up his intention ?

The rest is leave to your judge. You can have your own conspiracy theory. I merely point out at the strange incident happened on Bercy website about the announcement disappeared, came back again and finally official postponement announced. As my Yoshiki fanís bias, On 5th Ė 7th Nov , I will say Yoshiki was fighting the promoter and his staff for keeping the Live schedule, but he lost.

Maybe you donít care. You can only think where is his promise. You might not trust him anymore. But, do believe that X Japan is Yoshikiís life and World Tour is his dream. Whatever will happen, it will make him either happy or hurt.

Maybe you will feel better if you know he was so miserable.

Iím not Yoshikiís speaker. Iím not crazy fangirl. Iím not blind to my idol. As long as Iíve kept watching him, I can learn many things about him. 12 years for being X fan, I would like to tell you something. Yoshiki sometimes canít keep promise. He will sometimes let you wait for him for years or forever or as long as he feels ready. He sometimes treat you like Sh*t. He sometimes acts so childish. He sometimes is so evil. Why do many people keep supporting him ? Because of his works and his personality. Thatís him. Thatís all.

Again, By the way, donít suppose to hear him say excuse, he wonít. He will let you blame him until you are satisfied, even though some mistakes and faults are not caused by him. Thatís the way Yoshiki has done.

You might wonder why X Japan is so complicated. I simply think that X Japan is too big and Yoshikiís pride is too high.

Please spread my post to any jrock webboards if you feel like.
Thanks to http://xfreak.exteen.com
The original translation is made by xfreak.

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Paris Live & Christmas concerts postponement conflicts I

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