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 X JAPAN Sanrio "Hello Kity" cooperation

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PostX JAPAN Sanrio "Hello Kity" cooperation

Quote :

source: www.bxte.info

X JAPAN Sanrio "Hello Kity" cooperation

Mar. 6th 2009

According to sanspo, from there picked up by various other places
including Mesamashi Terebi, in collaboration with Sanrio, X JAPAN will
produce a Visual Kei version of the makers super popular "Hello Kitty,"
featuring YOSHIKI'S very old look of long blond hair on one
half of his head, with the spiky "Sea Urchin" spikey look on the other,
purple eyeshadow, a long black coat and chains, as can be seen
in a flyer reproduced on Heath's
Official Website.

Source: http://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/090306/gnj0903060505010-n1.htm

Hello Kitty website

Disccuss here (+lovely news paper photo) :p

X JAPAN Sanrio "Hello Kity" cooperation Aggylolisig1
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X JAPAN Sanrio "Hello Kity" cooperation

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