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 TOSHI's New Releases on CDBaby

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TOSHI's New Releases on CDBaby Empty
PostTOSHI's New Releases on CDBaby

Berdasarkan informasi dari Healing World Co., Ltd.,

Healing World Co., Ltd. wrote:

New Releases are now on CDBaby!

Hello, all!

TOSHI and TOSHI & Wanku(Kaori Moritani)'s new releases are now up on CDBaby.

TOSHI's 1st ever album sung only in English!
Including 5 songs "Pain", originally "Nageki no Heart", "Fire City", "Till the End of Time"; "Toki wo koete", "Earth in the Dark" and "Cherish"; "Taisetsu na mono".

shop link URL: http://cdbaby.com/cd/toshi10

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Healing World Co., Ltd. wrote:

"Taisetsu na mono"
Including 6 different versions of this beautiful song, "Taisetsu na mono", which may remind you of what you cherish most in your heart.
shop link URL: http://cdbaby.com/cd/toshi12

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Healing World Co., Ltd. wrote:

"Daichi wo shizumete" by TOSHI and Wanku(Kaori Moritani)
So beautiful and heart-moving song sung by TOSHI and his wife, Wanku with the strings orchestra.
shop link URL: http://cdbaby.com/cd/toshi11

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Healing World Co., Ltd. wrote:

All of these albums will be available both as CDs and as MP3s soon, and you can see these and all other albums from Healing World at


Also, TOSHI with T-EARTH "2008 2-day Final Live in Tokyo DVD" will be up on CDBaby very soon!

Thank you always for your support.

And TOSHI is asking you what you treasure most of all; "Taisetsu na mono wa nanndesuka?"

Healing World Co., Ltd.

Note: "Taisetsu na mono wa nanndesuka?" means "What's your important thing?" ^_~

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TOSHI's New Releases on CDBaby

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