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 X Japan press conference (Myspace 03.04.08)

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PostX Japan press conference (Myspace 03.04.08)

X JAPAN Press Conference on April 3.
VID: Myspace X Japan Official


YOSHIKI: We will perform in Madison Square Garden NY on Sep. 13
besides Paris France.

Q: How was 3 days in Tokyo Dome?
PATA: Once it begins, it certainly ends. I was tired.
TOSHI: I was deeply moved that we first got together again in Tokyo Dome
in 10 years.
Y: In a great cheer, I thought that I had to carry on the show until the end.
Thank of fansí support, we did it in a unity with fans. I really appreciate.
HEATH: Many happend even after the first night show but we could perform
very well.

Q: About oversea performances.
P: Iím so happy to do it as X JAPAN. Because we said before that we would
perform in oversea but we didnít.
H: Iíve been told that music can cross a border. Finally we can prove these
words. We want to send our great sounds to everyone.
T: As HEATH said, crossing a border and language barrier, I want to send our
music to everyoneís heart.

Q: Do you feel nervous about oversea performances?
T: I canít imagine what itíll be like yet. I wasnít so nervous 3 days in Tokyo
Y: I donít think itís "away" performances. We always perform in "away."
T: Right.
Y: Because X JAPAN has never been belonging to anywhere. It can be said
that every performance is "away" and every performance is "home."

Q: Why MSG?
Y: Because itís easy to recognize? (laugh)
We changed our bandís name from X to X JAPAN to extend our activities
abroad but we didnít satisfied with something and then broke up without
going to abroad. Now weíre reunited. I feel that thereís a big stream and
everything happens accidently. A year ago, we couldnít imagine that we
would be reunited. These oversea performances are booked just a few days
ago, after shows in Tokyo Dome.

Q: Will HIDE join oversea performances?
Y: Weíll bring his set.

Q: Besides Paris and NY?
Y: TOSHI-san, do we have to go to Asia too?
T: Asia is great.
Y: So why donít we begin a world tour?
MC: Really??
Y: No, no. Iíll be scolded again...
(About world tour) What do you think? (to TOSHI)
T: What do you think? (to PATA)
P: .....
Y: It can be. Many new things are happening everyday now.

Q: Will X JAPAN continue?
Y: Now the best album both Japanese ver. and world ver. are in progress.
Even if I say X JAPAN will continue, it wonít when itís meant to be.
I canít tell what happens to this band. I donít think about the future too much.
Iím going up stairs step by step. I can see the next vision after going up one

Q: What do you want to say to HIDE?
P: Well.....
Y: Itís unfair that you donít get old anymore?
P: Yeah, thatís it. I used to be one year younger than him but now I become 9
years older!
T: In Tokyo Dome, I was hearing his sound as same as 10 years ago, so I donít
have something special to say at present.
Y: We felt that we played together, right?
H: During the shows, I thought that 5 members were on the stage. So I want to
say "Good shows, werenít they?"
Y: We surely forgot that only 4 members are on the stage. I felt like HIDE
would say "Hey!!" when I made a mistake.

Q: HIDEís future?
Y: HIDE will stay. But adding a 6th member to these 5 would be possible.

Q: Why MSG?
Y: When I went to KISS reunion concert, I thought that I wanted to play here
someday. Our fans say "Thank you, our dreams come true." But I want to
say these words to fans including fans in oversea.

Q: To fans.
P: Wait for a while. Thank you.
H: Iíll go to Paris and NY with the same energy as Tokyo Dome.
T: These 10 years, Iíve been touring homes for the aged or children. Those
experiences become my root. It helped me in Tokyo Dome and itíll help me
in Paris and NY. I really appreciate their support.
Y: Thank you for your support in Tokyo Dome. I want to share happy and
exciting dreams with you.

***About 2 hours 40 minutes delay on 1st night.***
T: I said "YOSHIKI was late" on the stage but it was just a joke and actually
he came the first. Because of many technical troubles, the show was delayed
a little... not a little, the latest in our history! Sorry.
Y: When something bad happens, Iím the first one to blame. I donít mind.
Thatís my character. Yes, Iím to blame. Sorry. (laugh)

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X Japan press conference (Myspace 03.04.08)

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