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 Richard Fortus main lagi ama X Japan

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Richard Fortus main lagi ama X Japan Empty
PostRichard Fortus main lagi ama X Japan

Hei folks!

Ada berita tentang kemungkinan Richard Fortus dari Guns n Roses bakalan main lagi ama X Japan for some upcoming tours/ concerts.

Quote :

Big Pat - What led up to you performing the shows with X Japan?

Richard Fortus - I've known Yoshiki for years. I'd done sessions that he was producing and I'd done some work for some artists that were on his label. I went to Tokyo to play with one of his artists for the launch of his label. Then I ran in to him at his studio while i was working on a movie score. We spoke and he told me that he'd heard that Robin and I had played "Endless Rain" while GN'R was in Japan. A few weeks later he called and asked if i'd be interested in being a guest guitarist for the X Japan reunion shows.


Big Pat - Will you be doing any touring this summer? If so,with who?

Richard Fortus - I don't really want to tour right now. I'm going to be doing some shows with the Furs and possibly some more shows with X Japan and also with a Danish band called the Storm. I played on their record and they are good friends. Other than that, i'd much rather be at home playing on different records and composing film/ads and video game scores, as well as writing with different artists.


Big Pat - You and Robin played X Japan's "Endless Rain" as part of your
guitar duet during some of GN'R's Japanese shows in July 2007. Why that
song? Who picked it?

Richard Fortus - No comment on this question.


"I'd like to thank X Japan and their fans for the kindness and generosity they showed me while i was in Japan. It was such an incredible honor to be asked to share their stage! This was an event that i will never forget. The last night especially was very magical and incredibly emotional. Hide was a star of such magnitude that nobody will ever fill the hole he left. It was an honor to be able to pay tribute to him. I hope that i am able to do more shows with X Japan in the future."
- rf


Dan ada kemungkinan tour di US gk cuma di NY, mereka bakal nambah ke bbrp states.

Sigh.. gk ngepek di kita2 ya.. kapan ni ke daerah south dan east? grrr Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

Di diomongin di sini yach.
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Richard Fortus main lagi ama X Japan

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