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 X Japan World Tour Postponed

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PostX Japan World Tour Postponed

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Press Conference dengan Toshi, Pata dan Heath (tanpa Yoshiki) di Japan hari ini, 17th June 2008.

Quote :
This is from Japanese entertainment news, Mainichi Shinbun:

Toshi, Pata & Heath attended this conference.
According to Toshi...

"I don't want Yoshiki to overwork. I just want him to rest and only think about treatment. We regard this postpone as an approach run for our progress. We want to get ready for 'resume our attack'."
About Yoshiki's condition, Toshi said "I talked to him on the phone. His voice was full of regret. His physical damage is terrible. I think he's also exhausted."

Yoshiki also wants to attend Japan Expo in July in France if his doctor gives permission.

Dari JRR:
Quote :
Unprecedented first X JAPAN press conference without YOSHIKI:

In a brief ten minute press conference today, the first from X JAPAN without YOSHIKI present, TOSHI, flanked by PATA and HEATH, officially announced the postponement of X JAPAN's planned three lives in Paris, Taipei and New York. However, all members in their individual greetings put great emphasis on "postponed, not canceled" and their intention to perform in those and possibly more locations at a later time.

Regarding YOSHIKI's health, TOSHI explained that YOSHIKI currently is undergoing treatment in his home in Los Angeles and that he himself as well as the other members look forward to YOSHIKI's recovery and their renewed activities. He added that fortunately YOSHIKI'S condition will not affect his everyday life, but that he will have to be careful not to put too much stress on his neck.

X JAPAN also issued official apologies to their fans in Japanese, English, French, Korean and Chinese.

In a point of positive news, TOSHI, during the X JAPAN members' final greeting after the photo session at the end of the interview, mentioned the possibility that, pending the approval of YOSHIKI's doctors, YOSHIKI might make an appearance at the JAPAN EXPO in Paris, July 3rd to 6th, and possibly with all of X JAPAN's members.

A full interview transcript will be published here at Jrock Revolution later.

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X Japan World Tour Postponed

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