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 Jrock rev festival DVDs & X Japan sneakpeak di Otakon

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Jrock rev festival DVDs & X Japan sneakpeak di Otakon Empty
PostJrock rev festival DVDs & X Japan sneakpeak di Otakon

Quote :
AUGUST 1, 2008 NEW!

BY: webmaster

Otakon to Host Exclusive Premiere of JROCK Revolution Festival DVD and Sneak Peek at X JAPAN's Tokyo Dome Concert.

(Baltimore, MD, USA) Otakon 2008 will host two exclusive J-Rock video premiers as part of its 15th convention, as it showcases the hotly anticipated JROCK Revolution Festival plus selections from X JAPAN's Tokyo Dome Concert.

X JAPAN co-founder YOSHIKI, who was a guest at Otakon 2006 after a long absence from public life, is the link between the two shows. Following his appearance at Otakon, YOSHIKI produced the JROCK Revolution festival that took place in Los Angeles in 2007. The festival showcased a variety of Japanese rock acts – alice nine, Vidoll, Duel Jewel, Kaggra, Miyavi, DéspairsRay, Merry, girugamesh, and MUCC (who performed at Otakon 2006) -- and is credited with elevating the popularity and status of Japanese rock music in the United States.

X-JAPAN was one of Japan's top acts in the 1990s, but dissolved after the death of one of the member, HIDE. In 2008, X-JAPAN surviving members reunited for a three-day, sold out concert series at the Tokyo Dome in March, and in May 2008 launched the HIDE memorial Summit, featuring a huge array of acts inspired by the legendary X-JAPAN. Three of Otakon's musical guests this year (the Underneath, MarBell, and DaizyStripper) were part of the Summit.

Approximately two hours of footage from both shows will be shown at Otakon, in the same hall where Sunday's musical guests will perform.

"We feel incredibly privileged to host these premieres," says Otakon's Jim Vowles (Guest Relations Chief). "Yoshiki was a fantastic guest, and he's completely in tune with our mission to bring Asian pop culture to US audiences. He's been tirelessly supportive of new acts, and a great friend to our convention. I think our members will go absolutely crazy over this unique experience."

Otakon 2008 will be held 8-10 August 2008 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The premiers are scheduled for Saturday afternoon; please see the website for details.

sumber: http://www.otakon.com/news_article.asp?id=412

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Jrock rev festival DVDs & X Japan sneakpeak di Otakon

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