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hide’s new DVD will be released on December 2, 2009!
hide’s new DVD “We <3 hide~The Clips~” will be released on December 2, 2009.  
It contains 20 music videos and live videos from “We <3 hide~The Best in The World~”.
It will also contains private video.

More details coming soon!!

We <3 hide~The Clips~
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2009 September Boarding!!!

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JETS returned as a hide official mobile site.
Original member will receive up-to-date information, pictures, and flash files.
For Special class of JETS member (JETS MATES) will access to limited contents, including full load.
Menu is download sound & movie, staff blog, what's new, and special menu for JETS MATES "JETS MATES SPACE".

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*Discuss HERE

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