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 Support for TOSHI Project

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Support for TOSHI Project Empty
PostSupport for TOSHI Project

Sehubungan dengan keadaan dan masalah yg sedang dialami Toshi sekarang, Pan & Blues dari X Radical Dreamers X Boards membuat sebuah Project agar para X Freaks dapat memberikan Support mereka kepada Toshi.

(buat yg belum mengetahui maslah yg sedang d alami Toshi, silahkan baca disini )

dan.... X JAPAN-ID (serta X-Freaks Forum) d jadikan partner dalam menggelar Project ini.
Project ini berskala WORLD WIDE (seluruh Dunia).

Untuk mendukung project ini, diharapkan partisipasi SEMUA member X JAPAN-ID dalam Project ini.

Di bawah merupakan posting dari Pan (XRD Admin) mengenai project yg akan d jalankan:

Pan from X Boards wrote:
Like I've said before, I believe it's time to take action. Toshi's through one of the hardest times in his life, and we should show him how much we care and support him.

I want you to please post any kind of ideas of how to do this, everything is welcome.

Main Idea: An Album

My idea, up to now, is making something like an album, which will hold all our handwritten letters, not via e-mail, since I believe when someone takes the time to write all of this by your own fist, it takes with it all your effort, your love, and your caring, wishing him the best. Drawings or pictures of you with you official merchandise of his solo career stuff, X's or both are a good idea too, but they're entirely OPTIONAL.


* NO FLAMING (i.e. MASAYA, Wanku, Home of Heart & etc.), he doesn't wanna know about that, he needs positive stuff and your support, focus on that.
* The text should be written in English. If you happen to know GOOD Japanese, you can write him a letter in his native language.
* The text (your handwriting) should be both legible and understandable. Remember he would have to get it translated since his English isn't that good as Yoshiki's. If you're not that good with English, type it on your computer, get it checked by someone you know that handles the language pretty well, and then write it by hand; drafts are good to practice.
* Your personal info: Name, Age, Country. Since I will be sorting the letters alphabetically by your first name, and I'll make you something that will look like a cover (prelude) to your letter, with all that info. If you send drawings or pictures, they will go in that same page.
* The paper where you write your letter, or draw, must be 8.5x11", and have a 1 inch margin, because I will be opening up some holes on the pages to put them on the album. This is a global measure, if you buy any kind of paper with holes, that's the exact measure that will fit perfectly with what I'll intend to do.
* If you send pictures, they should be printed already (normal paper of photographic paper, your choice).

Requirements to accomplish the project
1. Physical address of Extasy Records, or any other place where we can be sure they will receive those letters and hand them to Yoshiki or Toshi directly.

2. Confirmation of those who want to participate. If we have more than 50 people, I'll give it a go.

3. A volunteer that can receive letters from fans within the US. We already have a volunteer in Europe (Queenie @ Spain), and for Latin America and Brazil (Pan @ Panama). When we have met the deadline, these volunteers will mail me the letters, and I will personally pay that fee, so don't worry about that, what I need from volunteer is that they borrow their address to let people mail them the letters, nothing more than that, I will handle the rest.

Note: I don't know how many Chinese or Middle/East Asian fans are willing to contribute, and to which one of these 3 countries is cheapest and better for them to mail their letters. I will surely be grateful for any of your help in this topic, Ba-DiL and Lisa.

Please, let me hear your thoughts and feedback. The cooperation of other communities is more than welcome, this is for Toshi after all.

X JAPAN-ID juga akan mencoba untuk menjalin kerjasama dari X-Freaks d kawasan South East Asia.

Kurenai Tenshi wrote:
We will try to widen our reach to our neighboring countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, etc. Thailand has a huge fan base of X JAPAN, we'll see if we can reach them too.

Riznesia, salah satu moderator X-ID mempunyai dengan komunitas X-Freaks SEA, so... let's hope something good Wink

Selengkapny silahkan liat disini: PROJECT Toshi: Show your Support

Join juga group facebook Support for Toshi, disini

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Support for TOSHI Project

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